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About ZStone

What distinguishes ZStone is the owner, Zach Raymond, who is first and foremost an artist. From his days as a sculpting student at Indiana University, he's applied his creative and technical skills superbly at every opportunity.

Zach served his professional apprenticeship at a South Bend company specializing in stone work, and began infusing his artistic sensibilities into every project he worked on – columns, countertops, tubs and much more.

Much of ZStone's success can be attributed to Zach's ability to assemble a team of highly qualified stone fabricators who truly enjoy working with stone. A certified stone mason himself, Zach recognizes that in order to successfully blend creative design with commercial viability, all ZStone employees must have a broad understanding of the many facets of stone fabrication.

Even ZStone's location reflects Zach's artistic approach: a rugged, historic building on the edge of South Bend's downtown. Its weathered charm carries with it the right "coolness factor" as a work space and display center to match Zach's creative and business vision.

If you're looking for something unique and creative for your home or business, contact us today.

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